Saturday, October 25, 2008

So, do I think that I will be replaced by a computer...

Having the practice room computers with SmartMusic on them gives me a little insight once a while.
I was hanging out in the hall outside the practice rooms listening to a student work on his playing test.  As time went on the tone was getting better but the wrong notes were not!  Seems that he was looking at the score and listening to the recording for tone, but not digging deeper into the real reason why the score was not going up.  (As in not looking at the screen shot that shows the right and wrong notes.)
Do take the time to teach your students to look for errors in their work.  Look for patterns in your errors and fix them.
Do I feel threatened by the computer doing my work for me?  Nope.  But the work has changed a little.  I now supply guidance instead of error detection.

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