Friday, September 19, 2008

Money seems a little goofy sometimes.

Money seems to get spent a little goofy when it comes to technology in schools. I hope this isn't everywhere and every government project. We had a building Shared Decisions team meeting in our building last week. On the agenda was how we are going to spend $20,000 in E2T2 grant money. The thinking going in by most members was we need more $3000 interactive whiteboards and student response systems.  
I had other thoughts after getting the inexpensive Wiimote solution to work.
Why wouldn't we go with the Wii deal and put the whiteboard and student response system dollars towards a laptop lab on wheels?  
With this website at the laptops would be response systems on steroids.  At QuickieQ, you can do your multiple guess quiz or do an actual short answer in English quiz.  Which one do you think would fit our writing mandate better?  OK.  They are free because they are in beta right now, but they were just the first link I came to in a Google search.  There must be something more flexible and worthwhile than 4 buttons for answering.
Turns out that the point is moot.  The decision we were supposed to be sharing was made for us as the grant was written.  Apparently, changing what you buy with the grant is not permitted after you get the money.  So much for Shared Decisions.
I suppose there is something about the administration not wanting to risk going to jail over my ideas.  I probably would be ok with that... them going to jail.. (just kidding.)
Personally, I want whoever decided that there can't be revisions if conditions improve to go to jail.  I think it is a crime to spend about $19k more than you should on a lame ed-tech product.

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