Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mobile Me revisited

Apple extended the trial period for MobileMe.  That is a good thing because now I will have a chance to play around with the improved version of it.
I have set up the Main computer, the Mac Mini in the kitchen and my iPod is now set to "Push."
Toss in the iDisk space and I should be able to hop around from computer to computer and get my work done.  Surprisingly enough, getting bounced from the computer you were working on happens in this house.
The sync set-up is fairly easy, but have a cup of coffee in the system before you attempt it.  There are a number of well marked places to lose data if you are not careful.  Read the directions and you will be fine.
I'll keep you posted,  I have 53 days to figure out if I have to have this service.

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