Thursday, August 21, 2008

SmartMusic Tip

If you go (and I think you should) with the site license for SmartMusic, be careful about over ordering.  It is easier to add more subscriptions than it is to return them.  
But be careful about under ordering as well, because there has been a price break for quantity.  (Ask a rep,  because the pricing structure has changed and I am not 100% sure the discount program has remained...)


Orpheus said...

I too am exploring the nearly unlimited applications of Smart Music with my students this year. Perhaps we can compare notes as the year goes on.

My blog was recently added to the 100 ME Bloggers list. I am periodically writing reviews of ME blogs and included yours in my first edition. Check it out:

Looking forward to collaborating with you.

Roger Whaley said...

I would love to share a few ideas! See you at your blog.