Thursday, August 21, 2008

I am starting to get into this Wiimote thing

There is a very nice business case for the Wiimote/Whiteboard  by Drew Mckinney at YouTube.
Basically, if you need out the box and can afford it, get the board.  Otherwise, the Wiimote is more flexible as any surface will do.  
No board may be big advantage.  Since I am home for the summer and away from projectors, I have been trying it out on my monitor-- making it into a kind of touch screen.  So it is not just the price point making this case.
I also wonder about saving the work.  The commercial tools have the ability to save the sketch-ups.  I also wonder if I would need to do that save.  I think saving work would be more important for other subject teachers-- a math teacher saving a drawing of a geometry solution for internet posting for instance.
Thanks for the help Mr. McKinney.  Good analysis.

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