Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Free, Cheap or MobileMe? Part Deux.

Ok.  I bit.  When I saw you could give MobileMe a try before you buy, I thought why not?  It may be worth $99 a year, but I would like to know for sure.
It isn't working yet.
I read the directions and printed out a copy to have handy.
It says you need Leopard or Tiger (10.4.11.)  I'm running Tiger(4.11) on what I would call my main machine (iTunes library and syncing for iPod are there.) and there is something funky going on with the login.  It keeps on asking for the password (and I know I keychained it.)  Then maybe iDisk shows up.  I haven't gotten to my calendar, iWeb and all the other goodies.
I would really like to say that I have tried it all out, but YIKES.  I may have to quit my job and put my kids in all-day daycare to get this figured out.  Time to dig into the knowledge base.  Hope there is a kind soul that had a similar set of problems there...

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