Monday, May 26, 2008

While I was napping....

Did you notice the SmartMusic Impact web site improvement this week?  Or was it last week?  I may have been napping.
There is big news about Impact.
You can now export the grade book to several different formats including Tab delimited and Excel.  I'm in data heaven.
What can you do with an export?  I love working with data in FileMaker Pro.  With Tab Delimited I can take the data my kids have generated for me on Impact to my easily customized FileMaker data bases.  Need to find all the fifth graders with problems doing #43 and #52? How about the bottom ten of those students?  Fairly easy now.  Export-Import-search and done.
Haven't discovered the joys of FileMaker yet?  The Excel export may be just what you need to play "what if".  It may be the really quick way to get a set of scores from Impact to whatever grade book they make you use at school (assuming that grade book does an import.)  Or maybe you like to chart and graph the numbers.  Export-import-pivot table and done.
Pretty cool.

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