Thursday, April 10, 2008

Waiting on a new iPod

I am pretty excited.  I am getting my first iPod soon.
I'm getting it for my general music classes.
Believe it or not for crowd control.  
I don't play piano well enough to really accompany my 5th and 6th grade music classes.  I have been shuffling CDs in and out of the player.  Those CDs are all starting to look alike (even with the bifocals.) So sometimes it takes me a minute to shuffle through them.  If you know 5th and 6th graders that's 59 seconds too long.  Sure I can burn a CD with my lesson plan all neat and tidy on it, but what if the CD needs revision before the next class?  It is easier edit a playlist on the fly.  
I think if you throw in an FM transmitter wandering the classroom and playing the songs just got easier.
I settled on a refurbished Touch unit.  The ability to grab an new tune off a wifi network was pretty enticing.  Also, the internet in your pocket sounds good too.  I wonder if Impact will run on this version of Safari?
Hope the UPS guy can make it tomorrow.  I am looking at snow right now.

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