Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Got my iPod

I am still playing around with my iPod touch. Like all tech toys, this one has a lot of initial fun and wow going for it. At least that's what they do for me. I think this one is going to have staying power. I have a case for it coming. I won't bring it to work until I do. I'll let you know how Radio Free Roger works in class. I have been playing with it around the house. Here's what I have noticed so far... I love how easy it is to sync to my computer and its files. I turned the auto sync feature off. If something is going to get overwritten, I prefer that I did it myself. I wish it had Flash. The wondering is over. SmartMusic Impact uses Flash to do the audio. The Touch, doesn't do Flash yet. You can do everything important in the grade book, just not listen to the student work. Adobe, if you are listening, I would pay a bit for a Flash player or plug-in on my iPod. There is a lot of content out there that needs it. Calendar. I think I am going to need to switch from Google Calendar to the Apple Calendar or get the syncing program for the two. I can't count on always having an internet connection to calendar with this device, so using the built in calendar is good idea. Address book/contacts. I think I will like this piece the best (after the music.) I have wondered which computer had what address before. The new answer is this one. The interface/keyboard. This is neat. I have always been a slow typist. This doesn't make me that much slower. I do wish that there was a "." in every keyboard screen. That takes some getting used to. I love the ability to zoom in on a section of text in a web page. If my regular monitor did this, I might skip wearing the glasses once in a while. I wonder why I waited so long.

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