Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Computer in the Kitchen

We have a computer in the kitchen. No, we didn't get it because we needed to keep track of so many recipes. We got it because my 6 year old was sneaking down to the computer in the basement and playing. He almost bought us 4 Tivo units. He came up from the basement and asked what he needed to do next for this game he was playing (he needed a major credit card.) My thought at that time was I don't know where you are going to get a credit card, but I am going to figure out and set the parental controls. The controls that come with Safari and Tiger (and now Leopard) are really pretty good. But I don't think anything will replace a parent looking over a kid's shoulder. We needed a computer where we could still do our work and supervise at the same time. The kitchen was a good choice for us. It's a Mac Mini. We got a couple for the practice rooms at work and I was impressed with them there. It can connect to the web with its wireless card. With what the Mini can do for the price and size, it was a natural choice. Why not a laptop? We needed to know where he was computing. A laptop could be anywhere and he would be physically and virtually out of sight. If you have kids, where are your computers?

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