Friday, March 14, 2008

What else could you use?

I periodically look around for alternate ways to do things. What could you use instead of SmartMusic? There is iPas. It provides structured lessons that go with the Standard of Excellence Series (Kjos.) I like the ability to hold kids accountable. iPas does have the lessons locked down so kids have to meet a standard. Teachers can also download the results. This program is a good choice, but you are locked into one method book and no other literature. There is In The Chair/Starplay from Sibelius. Like iPas, this also has a limited number of method books. I do like the ability to swap in a Sibelius generated accompaniment. I don't see much info on how you get your results back. I suppose you could Moodle assignments. The video of musicians playing the same piece is an interesting feature, but is it something I would use? I don't know. They may be catching up since I last looked. SmartMusic has a good school package. You can choose from a number of methods. You can generate your own pieces in Finale. It is possible to lock down the assignments to your parameters and you can get the results from the web. The grade book/student information handling is a great feature.

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