Friday, March 14, 2008

Google. Not just for searching anymore

I am trying to simplify my hectic life. I work on 5 different computers. How do you work on a document between work and home without a bunch of disks and versions to worry about?  (Besides not taking work home!)  Try Google Docs. There is the added benefit of several people being able to work on the same document (by invitation) at the same time. Have you tried Google's calendar tool? Works great for our family. You can see where you need to be and where the kids need to be and where your spouse is all from the same calendar. Even if you are on one of those five computers. Next year, I think the band calendars will be online with Google calendar. This blog is on Blogger. I think that being able to log in one place and working on my docs, calendar and blog is pretty handy. Have you tried at Google that work for the Band Director?

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