Wednesday, June 25, 2014

SmartMusic Training!

Are you looking for license renewal hours?  Are you required by your state to get some hours in "technology" even though you teach music?  MakeMusic is offering workshops that may just be the perfect fit for you.

There are two tracks.  One is called "SmartMusic Fundamentals" and the other is called "Extending Your Reach Using SmartMusic Online Gradebook."

The two days of workshops are offered a large number of places.  Hopefully, you are near one of the locations or can work a trip around one of the locations.  (Vegas!  Here we come!)

If you are new to SmartMusic take the "Fundamentals" class for sure.  SmartMusic will change the way you teach music.  There are some very creative things that can be done with SmartMusic in the single computer classroom, a 3 or 4 station practice area, or even a one to one equipped school.  You can adapt this computer program to your situation.

The "Extending" portion will dive into the SmartMusic Gradebook.  This is more than a gradebook, it is a learning management system that will make it possible for you to send assignments that meet your specifications and it will keep the completed assignments organized for you.  If you think you are going to send assignments, you will want this course too.

If you haven't seen SmartMusic lately, or haven't heard about it before, this music educational software is worth serious consideration.  I've said it before, SmartMusic will change the way you teach.

Need more info?  Can't take the courses as scheduled?  Visit the SmartMusic web site and look through the tutorials there or get more info on registration, where and when on the workshops.  Lots of support for teachers and students there.

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