Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Finally Getting Things Out The Door with SmartMusic

SmartMusic is going out the door to all my students this week and the uniform T-shirts we use for uniforms on the middle schoolers are on their way.

Pricing seems to be the big news item from SmartMusic this year.  It appears that SmartMusic is covering their costs by moving towards a per user model as opposed to a per computer model.  That may be a more fair way of pricing things... the number of users in the server space on their end is a cost driver for SmartMusic, not the number of computers with SmartMusic installed on the other end.

We do save some money by doing a volume purchase order, but we used to save even more by not needing to pay for the second (third, fourth..) sibling on shared home computers.

I suppose we could save time by changing our model to a "we will fund only the practice rooms and if that is not convenient for you, you may buy SmartMusic yourself model."  But 6 stations and 250+ kids doesn't seem like a great idea.  It could be a before/after school supervision nightmare. A guy might never get to go home.

So EASY ACCESS to SmartMusic is a good thing.

The other good thing, the code system of paying for SmartMusic has been remodeled.  Go to and put in your code.  One of my beginners reported no problems with getting the program installed and registering for class was "easy."  She also was wondering why there weren't any assignments yet.  I guess I better close out and post an assignment!

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