Thursday, September 19, 2013

iPhone and iOS 7

I don't usually do an update right away.  More often, I will wait a week or two before doing a major update like moving to iOS 7.

There are a couple of reasons.  One of which is the old saying that the "Pioneers take all the arrows."  It is not always a good idea to be first.

But I was really curious and I have a fairly new iPhone with only a couple apps on it.  I did check with Twitter and people were reporting 7 hour download times.  Common sense was telling me to not do this update like I normally would....  Watching the download thermometer and getting nervous if the lights flickered.

Nope.  Just started the software update and went to bed.  I am not even sure how long the download took.  I got 7 hours of sleep.  In the morning, my phone did say it needed to verify the download.  That took about 5 minutes.  Then I waited for it to complete the install and I answered a few questions for set-up.

I haven't had any trouble with my apps.  I did update the few I have on my phone... FileMaker Go, Twitter and a couple others.  Those updates didn't take very long and soon I was able to confirm that Angry Birds works fine in iOS 7.

I did run into one person that was having trouble.  Make sure you know how to login to your Apple iCloud account.  This one was tied to a G-Mail address and it wasn't taking the password.  You should be able to login to your Apple account before doing the download.  Wonder what the work- around will be?


There is a very nice iOS 6 and iOS 7 comparison piece over at
I like Dr. Russell's side by side approach to what's new.  It shows the differences and packs a bunch of information into a couple of minute video.  Check it out.

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