Monday, August 26, 2013

So How Hot IS It?

So how hot  IS it at Grandview?

Got this in an email from the office today...

"Hello and welcome back!   As luck would have it, the weather forecast for Tuesday is HOT, HOT, HOT!  We wanted to send out a reminder that unfortunately Grandview does not have air conditioning.    We recommend that  small children,  elderly grandparents or anyone sensitive to the heat not attend or at the very least, bring a bottle of ice water to help tolerate the heat.  We will have fans running but even with that we fully expect the temperature inside the building to meet or exceed the outside temperature due to the number of people who attend."

I am thinking I am sensitive to heat.  Everyone with a pulse is sensitive to this much heat.

Actually, I'm thinking it is crazy that these multi-million dollar facilities DON'T have air conditioning.  Yeah the boiler may be more important in the Minnesota climate, but do they really expect kids to learn in a room that is pushing 100 in September, April, May and June?  Forget July and August because no one gets that lucky on temps in July and August.

One more thing to pack tomorrow.  BYO Ice water.  At least the advice is good.

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