Thursday, April 4, 2013

Take the Train!

Spring Break and Easter, next thing you know the weather and calendar might actually align and we get Spring around here.

This blog is always about something tech-y and I think I can make the connection with vacation and technology.

First some old technology.  We took the train to Chicago.  Loved the train.  Wide seats, lots of leg room and power for all the devices.  The space is soooo much better on the train.  I am 6'3" and 250 pounds.  I know what good leg room looks like.

On the train you can hook the phone up to the computer and you have a rolling internet cafe.  Which was actually kind of handy for last minute trip planning and bird identification.  (The Sandhill Cranes are back for the season!)  Google Maps and Earth are good to help explain where we are to the kids too.  Chicago to Minneapolis/St. Paul is pretty scenic too.  Must have seen 50 Bald Eagles.

Yes, it may be slower than the airplane, but the train drops you off in the city.  No long ride into town.  It is cheaper than flying too.  We made the trip in about 7 or 8 hours.  Better than driving.

If you have the time, take the train.

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