Monday, November 26, 2012

How to Avoid Getting Campaign Calls

We recently re-did our phone numbers and became an all cell phone house.

It was time.

The youngest is starting to get busy with activities that happen after school.  He is also in that gap between needing a baby sitter and needing some reassurance from a parent once in a while.  His sister has had a cell for a while and it has been pretty helpful.  So when the phone modem started acting up, we took that as a sign that it was time to get him a phone of his own.

He got the old home number and with that there are some upsides and some down sides.  Not having to learn another number was pretty big plus for him and me.  Having missed a couple of calls because of his message taking skills?  Not so good for me.

Although, I can see why he might have gotten the wrong idea.  He got the phone during the campaign season and for some reason that number is on both the Democrat and Republican phone trees.  I may have told him that a couple of those messages for me weren't really for me personally and he just took it on to filter them for me from there!

There may be the idea for the next campaign season.  If the parties aren't going to leave us alone even when we are on the Do Not Call List, we should make sure our phones are being answered by 11 year olds.  If you can't get past them, your platform needs work.

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