Friday, July 27, 2012

So Have You Rushed Right Out To Get Mountain Lion?

I don't usually rush right out to get the latest version of an OS.  Some times the bugs in a new software are darned inconvenient.  Doing the update is never the question.  The dictation feature alone in this update is going to make Mountain Lion a hit at my house.  At $20 this update is a no brainer of a good deal.

But timing when a computer may be down is a problem.  I do have a couple of computers in the house, but taking one off-line for a half-hour drives parts of my family nuts.  So I try to do the updates when the upgrade is going to go quickly and I have a pretty good idea that the early problems have been addressed.  Especially when we are talking about the operating system.  I love testing stuff for programers, but I can quit other programs and still have a functioning computer.  Beta testing is fun, but not when you can't get out of it.

How do I check to see if things are ready?  Twitter.  I watch the really early adopters in my Twitter feed.  You can spot them... they are usually there the first day telling you if they have it downloading or installed.  If that group is having trouble, wait.

I also check out for their list of helpful links and bug reports.  When they seem to slow down on user bug reports on computers similar to mine, it is time.  Hopefully, this is before the next big cat rolls out!

According to the signs, it looks like I will be doing this update sooner than later.  Twitter has some happy users and the XLR8 folks don't seem to have too many problems identified.  Looks like I might have to buy a newer version of Windows for Bootcamp.

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