Monday, May 14, 2012

SmartMusic News  Their summer workshop promotion!

May is usually a busy time at SmartMusic.  They know it is getting to be the end of the year for teachers and it can be tricky to get your attention between now and when school starts up again.  Heck, I almost missed a couple of e-mails from them Friday that sound interesting.

The first one talked about processes for next year and some tweaks they are making on SmartMusic delivery, including SmartMusic authorized music dealers and an educator's reward system.  It was a long e-mail with lots of details in it, so contact SmartMusic to see how this could help your program, especially if you aren't doing SmartMusic Everywhere like we are, there may be something there for you to try.

The other e-mail came from Dave Hawley and he was talking about the Summer SmartMusic Workshops.  Dave has to be one of the most senior employees at SmartMusic, he has been there longer than the brand name.  Anyway, I think Dave and the SmartMusic team have the whole country covered, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Now, I am no tax attorney, so talk to yours first, but it seems a very nice, deductible, working vacation could be a part of your summer if you go to one of these workshops in a more exotic location (and I am not talking Iowa here.)  I'm just saying, you don't have to go to the workshop in your backyard.  Try Fresno or Dunseith!

Ok, maybe I am reaching with the deduction angle.  But for the new-to-SmartMusic crowd they are throwing in a free SmartMusic subscription with your registration.  Thinking about trying SmartMusic?  Learn how and get the subscription for free.  You will be ready to go with know-how and the tools you need for this fall.

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