Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Sick Day and Technology or How Many Computers Does It Take to Get a Sick Day?

We have "the crud" going around our house.  We have a sick kid.  Looks like Thanksgiving is at our house this year, so we aren't passing along a bug for an early Christmas present.

My wife has some pressing deadlines at work and I don't, so I am going to stay home today.

There is an interesting take on the tech side of taking a leave day.

  • Step one:  Get the plans I wrote-up yesterday on our version of Google Docs (It is "277apps" for us.)
  • Step two: Use the print button to turn them into a PDF to send to the office and to attach to the sub caller's software.
  • Step three: Login to AESOP to get a sub.  Hopefully, there is someone out there that can do the job today.
  • Step four:  Login to the payroll department's absence tracker, ERMA and basically answer the same  questions that I had to answer for AESOP.
  • Step five:  Mutter something about how complex this is... as in how come ERMA and AESOP don't freaking talk to each other?  They both claim to be SIFF compliant.  There is no reason I should be doing the same paperwork twice.  Unless "The Man" is trying to make it hard for someone to take care of his family.  "The Man" should stop this or fire one (or both) of his vendors and find less redundant software.  I am pretty sure I could knock this off in an afternoon with FileMaker Pro.
  • Step six: Call in for the sick kid so the attendance secretary doesn't send us a robo-call telling us that our kid was absent.
  • Step seven:  Take care of the sick child.
Were you keeping track?  How many computers does it take to get a sick day?

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