Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Interesting SmartMusic Resend Feature.

My teaching partner pointed out an interesting feature of the "resend an assignment" process in SmartMusic.

If you resend an SmartMusic assignment and the student re-does the work and sends it back, the comments you wrote before sending it out for more work are still there on the re-done project.  

I hope I haven't confused you with the description of the feature.  It is probably easier to show yourself with a "fake" student.  Send in an assignment, write a comment, resend, revise, send it back and look at the comment field to see your old comments.  The notification e-mail has your comments in it as well.  

Hopefully, the returned work is better and your comments need to be updated.

I'm not sure if that's what is supposed to happen.  Maybe that's the way it has always worked and I am just now noticing.  It is a cool little feature for those of us with memory loss and 300 students.  (So why exactly did I send it back?)  It could also be considered documentation of the process.  Formative assessment and feedback are big deals in our school, how about yours?

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David Kahl said...

I noticed this feature, too, which appears to be new. My problem was different (and will be suggested at Midwest, if I remember!). I resent an assignment, but the student did not complete it a second time. As a result, I did not have their first version. I recorded the original grade, but didn't have the performance to document. I wonder if MakeMusic can attach that first file, too???