Monday, October 3, 2011

This Post is Worth a Read.

This post is worth a read.  Not my post. This particular post is pointing you elsewhere.   No, this post over at the choirguy's blog, Techonolgy In Music Education Blog.

I think choirguy hits a bunch of things on the mark with this post.

It is interesting to note that the current push toward great presentation tools like IWBs are not going to be the ultimate revolutionary learning tool in the high tech classroom.  It is too teacher-centric.  I know, I know.  There are ways to get kids involved, but really, isn't it just a snazzy presentation tool?  Isn't it really all about keeping kids in the same project at the same time?

No, I think the real revolution in education will happen when we are comfortable with kids knowing different things and start letting kids take different paths to educate themselves.

I think that happens when we start putting student-centric tools in their hands all the time.  Isn't it time we taught kids how to ask great questions and let them loose to find the answer in the largest collection of information ever assembled?

That happens in the 1:1 computer:learner envirionment.


Brandt Schneider said...

I dont understand, in a time of serious budget issues, teacher mindlessly accept IWBs.

I agree they could be a great tool for the right person, but when presented with options (like would you like 15 iPads or a smartboard?) the equations change.

I am really worried what happens when these bulbs start to need replacing.

Roger Whaley said...

Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate that people are reading and responding to these posts.

I often wonder how major purchases don't seem to get major attention from all involved. My experience is that it really is the principal and IT guy deciding what goes in the classroom. Students and teachers seem to be left out.

There needs to be some real thought put into purchases. Are the purchases we are making teacher centric or student centric?

I think it is time for us to start making student centric purchases with the tools going into student hands. Although if you need to demonstrate how to work software, the IWB is a great tool. It shouldn't be your only tool in the room.

I love the form factor of the tablet for sharing with the person looking over your shoulder. Not so crazy about sharing with 30 people looking over your shoulder with the iPad.

The tech tools available to students and teachers should be like the clubs in a golf bag. Lots of choices. Hopefully, a person doesn't have to choose between an IWB and iPads because they have both available.

The bulb deal is really a bummer. I don't get why it should cost almost as much to buy the bulb as it does to buy the projector. It rates right up there with the inexpensive printer loaded with really expensive ink when it is time to refill.