Friday, October 7, 2011

More Quick SmartMusic Tips

Here is yet another couple of tips for people starting to use SmartMusic in their program.

Take the time to walk kids through the process of logging in, getting the assignment, mic check, takes, how to set the volume of the soloist, how to get to older takes and how to submit an assignment.  A demo of the basics go a long ways towards keeping the parent phone calls down.

This works great on a Interactive White Board:

  • I like that you can click on the button you are talking about with an IWB.  If you don't have that, use a projector or a really large monitor.  Just make sure everyone sees where the cursor is as you go through the process.

I have a "fake" student name registered for each class:

  • Polly Styrene plays alto clarinet in all of my bands. I login as Polly and walk through everything and point out how and how not to do things.  SmartMusic Gradebook users aren't charged by the student, so having a fake student like Polly doesn't cost anything and really helps the teacher see things as the students will.  I don't have to worry about accidentally showing a student's work, no one makes fun of Polly.

Do show kids where to get your assignments:

  • A how NOT to: do not go to the method book to get to an assignment.  Kids who do this will not have a submit button when they are done with the recording.  
  • How to do this:  To do an assignment follow the assignment's link under the catagory assignments on the upper left hand corner of your home page.

Tell kids to listen for balance on their recordings before submitting.  Here's why:

  • Usually the balance is pretty good if the student ran the mic check.  But thing change during a session.  Players get tired.
  • Kids need to do it over if they send in one we can't hear the soloist!
  • There is an adjustment slider IF you listen to the recording.  Slide it toward the soloist end if you don't hear yourself plain as day.

These tips really help us save time with our phone and listening.  It is worth taking a little bit of class time to do this!

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