Thursday, July 14, 2011

Let's Play, "How Can I Use This With..."

I like to think of ways that my tech toys can work together.  Sometimes, a small idea or two triggers a regular storm of things that scream "put me together."  This week the ideas are the Eye-Fi SD card and the soon to be here iCloud, set to be up and running as part of Apple's OS X Lion operating system environment.

The Eye-Fi is used to move pictures (as jpegs) from you camera to your computer via a wi-fi connection.

The iCloud will move pictures from your Apple device to all your other Apple devices automatically.

Simple ideas with some big implications.

The workflow will really flow.  Does anyone remember film?  Take you pictures, drop your film off for developing ( or clear a lot of time to do your own darkroom work), then wait.

Hopefully, you got the focus, exposure and composition good enough to avoid going back to reshoot.

Now, you shoot, check the histogram, look over the focus and composition on the camera.

Now, for a really close inspection, have your jpegs wi-fied to your iPad.

Need to do some adjusting and don't want to do it on your iPad?  That's fine, because the iPad has already sent it to your computers with its Photo Stream feature.  Pictures could take up a lot of space, so there are some limits on how much time they will spend on Apple servers, but you will have time to get jpegs moved to a local drive.

I have been known to worry about the quality of my pictures (and I shoot the RAW format) and I think I will be paranoid about the limited time on Photo Stream (even if it was two decades!) So what would be the fix for that?  I think that would call for a camera with two disc drives. They exist!  The Nikon D7000 is an example.  Set one slot up for wifiing jpegs and one to capture the RAW information.  Perfect.

Big picture?  It has never been easier to do photography of good technical quality and get it in circulation.  A good imaginative eye for for photography, that may be another story...

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