Friday, May 27, 2011

So What Ideas Do You Have For Summer Professional Development?

So what ideas do you have for summer professional development?

There are several good ideas available in my neighborhood.  And if you don't live in Minnesota, we are not a bad place to visit when it isn't -40 degrees!

There is Finale training with Mavis Kallestad.  If you want to learn Finale or get better at it, Mavis does an excellent workshop.  The Perpich Center is the arts high school in Minnesota and I have always thought they do a nice job of hosting events for teachers too.  If you use SmartMusic, Finale is pretty handy for making your own accompaniments.  Pretty handy, as in the ONLY way to make your own SmartMusic accompaniments.

The Minnesota Band Directors Association is offering a Instrumental Teaching Symposium  in Moorhead. With J.W. Pepper offering a new music reading session in Fargo the same dates, this could be an interesting two for the price of one... August 4th and 5th.

There are a bunch of workshops at TIES.  Check their workshop schedule.  If you want to get introduced to a new computer program, these folks are great.  Lots of one day intro sessions on a number of different softwares.  I am thinking about some advanced Interactive White Board training.

The SmartMusic workshop in Rochester looks good too.  June 17th is coming up fast though.  Similar workshops are available through out the country.  Check the SmartMusic web site if you need something closer.  Although, if you need some medical work done, Mayo is not a bad place to go... maybe you could work that out. !-)

What is happening in your neighborhood?


Nick said...

Summer is the perfect time to recharge the batteries and learn some new skills!

I've organized a mini-symposium in Urbana, IL to talk about rock and roll methods curricula. I'm SUPER excited about that.

Leading Notes ( is running a book club this summer. We'll be announcing the book soon. Maybe you can find some time to join us over there!

Good luck!

Roger Whaley said...

I hope you have a great summer! The online book club has worked well in my district. Don't forget to post the title here too!