Thursday, March 3, 2011

Music and the iPad 2.

The iPad 2 came out yesterday and I will probably take some time to look at it when it makes it into stores.

I love the format... I don't think I could think of a better way to interact with a computer than to point at what I want to do.  The size is wonderful.  I read on my iPod Touch frequently and would love a bit more screen to do that. The freedom to access information everywhere is nice.  The iPad is what I want in a computer.

I like the idea of Garageband on the iPad too.  As a music teacher, I do use Garageband in class.  But I have some questions.  How do I get sound in?  What if the built-in mics aren't up to doing a quality job?  I do  a lot of quick stereo two mic set-ups for note taking and playback with a small mixer; Can I do that with an iPad?  Once the project is done, do I really have to e-mail it to get at it anywhere else?  What if I want to move a project up to Logic?  What if I want it on my iPod for listening in the car?

I would bet there is enough processor power in there to do a credible job with the processing.  I do remember some audio projects that were done on half of that processor power.

I think the thing iPad (3?) really needs for me to get one is an actual port that other manufacturers can use for things like mics and mixers.  Maybe even Thunderbolt like in the new Macbooks.

I suppose for class projects, course management software (Moodle) can solve logistics problems

Right now, I am too cheap to have both a Macbook and an iPad.  Maybe I just need to wait.

I am worried that we will end up with a bunch of these in labs at school and I will wish we had put the money towards more versatile computers.

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