Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are things starting to turn around?

Usually, I don't worry too much about the economy.

Lately, there have been some folks talking about how teachers and other public servants should be sharing some of the burden of the changing economy.  I find that mildly interesting because when times were good, there wasn't too much sharing the wealth.  The value of what teachers are paid in money and benefits has gone down in the last 30 years in terms of what they buy.

30 years ago, Dad (a teacher) could afford to keep his three boys fed, clothed, doctored and educated.  He put his wife through graduate school. And he bought a custom built three bedroom house on a nearly half acre lot in the town he was teaching in on a 15 year note.

Today, my wife works to support my teaching habit.  She also carries the insurance on the kids.  Forget the mortgage if she goes.

I realize that times change.  But permanent solutions to temporary problems probably aren't always the best  answer.  In fact, tampering with teacher rights to negotiate during this time is backwards.  If you really need to work out a new deal to make the financial end work, isn't that the time you need to negotiate?

I do think that the economy is turning around.  Because of my website, I occasionally get asked questions about FileMaker when people are looking to upgrade their computer or software set-up.  The last couple of years, people weren't asking too many questions.  The last couple of months those requests have been going up.  I think that is a good sign.

Hang in there people.  I think it is turning around.

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