Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ninja Beginning Band Director Technics

Ever had to start a group of mixed instruments in a large group setting?

You need to give different directions to each section.  There is a lot of waiting around before and after your tutorial.  The kids who are waiting are experimenting.  The kids that just got directions now know how to make music, but that makes them one little self-directed review away from making noise while you are helping the next section.

This is differentiation on steroids.

To keep from going completely crazy, I have one Ninja Beginning Band Director Tip.  This is the one time of the year where you need to do what classroom teachers do... assign some reading.  There is a how-to care for your instrument section in every good beginning band method (like Standards of Excellence or Essential Elements.)  What better chance to make sure they have read that part of the book?

You could also bring in readings that would be fun to know about the instruments that your students have chosen.  Then you would be "covered" for a few more minutes....

Have your beginners read while you help the other sections.  Hopefully, this will get you through the first couple of days.

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