Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Brett Favre from the Ed Technology Angle

Just watched Coach Childress at press conference.  He is denying that anything is final about Brett Favre coming back to the Vikings this fall.  There have been reports that Brett is done because the ankle isn't where he wants it to be.  Chilli was basically saying he hasn't heard the final answer yet.

Personally, I think Favre is allergic to training camp.  Can't say I blame him, it looks like a lot of hard work under dangerous conditions.  Sane people do like to cut their exposure to hard work and flying 300 pounders.  If he can do the job well without all the prep work, good for him.  I thought last year's OJ like slow speed chase/parade was kind of fun.  Maybe it is going to happen again.

Interesting press conference tech-wise.  The coverage was from Vikings.com.  A video feed.  OK, so it was a little jerky and it dropped few syllables, but there was a camera there and it was on.  Bet we see lots more of that kind of coverage in the future.  If you have a story, stream it.  This is good for a press conference with one person talking.  I'm not so sure if that becomes the only coverage we get that we will get the whole story.  I am a big fan of photo-journalists.  We need them out there.

Word choice was interesting too.  A couple of phrases kept coming up.  "Fluid situation" and "text."

Coach is saying it is not over until he hears it from the source. It is a "fluid situation" until he does.

Did anyone else notice all the people involved in the texting?  There is an electronic back-channel at camp!   The coaches, players and Brett have a virtual camp going at the same time as training camp and it sounds like it may be as important to the team as the "real" world.

Well, I usually find an educational angle here and I think I have at least one.  The new tools are what people are using in the real world to stay connected.  Are we preparing the next generation to live in the real world if they don't use them to teach?  Are teachers missing an opportunity to connect?

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