Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Finale 2011 is Coming to My House!

Finale 2011 is Coming to My House! 
Got the e-mail yesterday confirming that 
my copy of Finale is shipping. 
Since I live close to the Finale Mothership, 
I am hoping to see it this afternoon.
I am looking forward to the new staff features. 
I really like the ability to hide stave and re-order things 
after the project is set-up. I have had some projects 
that these features would have been handy.   
Especially handy when you need the project 
tomorrow morning and it is 11 pm.
More Garritan Sounds
For me the real benefit of using a computer for composition 
is the ability to hear what you have written. Why not use great 
sounds? 375 sounds is a great library to work with and 
know "bad beginner band tone" isn't one of them.
I don't do tons of compositions. 
I don't have lots of time without lots of kids in my day.  
The real reason I keep up-to-date with Finale? It is SmartMusic.
Finale has the ability to create SmartMusic files. 
If I need a file that isn't in the SmartMusic library, 
know I will be reaching for Finale. 
There are other great notation software programs out there. 
Finale is the one that will do this work.  
I know in the world of business that having two flagship 
products is a bit of a business "don't". 
These two products were made with each other in mind. 
wouldn't use one without the other.
UPDATE: It was here waiting for me after my 
son got out of school. Going to install mode STAT!

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