Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just Back From The Mother Ship

I am just back from the Mother Ship. Apple HQ in Cupertino.
The folks over in the Apple Education Division helped our 21st Century Skills group get its head on straight about the role of technology in a modern education with an Apple Executive Briefing.
No, it wasn't all about tools (as you know, they do sell those.) I would say it is all about how students learn to be productive citizens in their near future and promoting student learning.
How do you get your information? How do you get current information? How do you collaborate? How do you find the next useful idea? How do you create your next big idea? How do you tell the world what you know? How are we going to promote higher levels of thinking? How are we going to promote deeper understanding? How do we do all of this and keep our kids safe?
Can you really say you are doing all of this without technology? Any of this?
Yes, they have solutions for these questions and I am sure they would be happy to take our request for a bid. Yes, they did have a principal talk to us about pulling off a one to one initiative. Don't worry about the hard sell. They really didn't push for a sale at this meeting.
This really is them providing you the opportunity to think about what we are doing. When was the last time anyone did that for you?
I would say that, if you are ever invited to an Apple Executive Briefing, accept.
Thanks Apple.
P.S. No, we didn't get to see the new iPad. I am sure they are really busy getting the launch ready to go. I know what did get to do was way more important. Thanks again Apple.

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