Tuesday, October 6, 2009

FTC, Disclosure, My Blog

I see the FTC is going to have some rules about blogging, businesses, freebies, stock prices and disclosure. I saw it in the morning paper. (Yes, I still read a paper a day.)
I think it is a good idea to be open about such things.
No, I don't think I own any stock in MakeMusic. I say "think" because I do own mutual funds and who knows what they are buying from day-to-day. So as far as I know, I own no MMUS. I have thought about it and have joked about it when it was trading at about a dollar a share.
I mention MakeMusic, because they are small and I assume fewer people know or talk about them. I am sure some of you got here through a Google search on SmartMusic and are doing research. They are doing great things for music teachers, so count me as a MakeMusic fan.
I am pretty sure EVERYONE has an opinion on Apple and Google and my voice about them is less than influential.
I don't play the stock market, because I would be the guy buying high and selling low. I'll leave that to my professionals. If I change my mind, I will post it here.
I have been involved in some projects at MakeMusic as a beta tester. I have also done some consulting there. It is fun playing with the software and bug hunting. I sometimes get to see software before it comes out. I may even have some influence on the design process. I know they are talking to a number of teachers and musicians for their opinions. That's how good products are made.
I also get sign non-disclosure agreements. So, if you are reading this to get an insider's hot tip, you would be better off reading the MMUS web site. I figure if they announce it, it is safe for me to write about it. I take NDAs seriously as everyone should, so don't write or call and ask me to spill the beans. But do write!
So what are you reading if you read this blog? You are reading a music teacher's opinion of what is interesting and what has worked for me. I am enjoying the medium and I am having fun. I have had over 2400 visits from all over the world. That is pretty amazing to me.
Writing is good, because it does help you think about why you are doing what you are doing. That's not original with me, but I have found it true. I has helped keep me from going bonkers. No, I don't have a huge Seth-Godin-type following, but I don't expect that with my fairly narrow focus.
If you are thinking about blogging, do it, and be yourself.
Thank you for reading.

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