Tuesday, September 22, 2009

21st Century Skills

So my school is looking at 21st Century Skills.
What do YOU think they are? Will they still be valid in 3 years? 10 years?
Who are the big authors in your mind?
Implications for educators?


Craig Cortello said...

We've identified 9 lessons from playing music that have a direct correlation on success in the business world in my new book, "Everything We Needed to Know About Business, We Learned Playing Music."

It's been my experience, backed up by the research that I've conducted that these softer skills such as confidence and self-esteem and teamwork and collaboration have a greater impact on success than technical aptitude.

Roger Whaley said...

Craig forgot to leave a link to his book. I am getting mine at Amazon after reading the reviews here.

This is an important conversation going on right now in my district. How about yours?