Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New iPod Touch feature.

I almost missed a big improvement when I upgraded the iPod Touch software to version 3.0.
I was shuffling my apps around so the ones I use most often are on my Touch's front page. I couldn't help but notice that I must have created another page of apps. There was an extra dot at the bottom of the screen. When I scrolled over to see what app I had left there, a search screen popped up.
I immediately thought that the search was just for keeping those apps findable. I am starting to get a collection that takes up a couple of screens and don't keep my apps in any order, so I could see the usefulness of that.
So, I started typing in the name of an app and was immediately surprised by all the addresses, songs, videos, assorted programs and snippets started showing up. It really does behave like Spotlight on your Mac.
This is going to make my life with my iPod easier. If I can remember anything about what I want to find, Spotlight can help me on my way. What's on your iPod? Much easier to find it now!

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