Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Interesting Lists

Every now and then I get a minute to read.  I love that time.  And I do mean minute.
If I only have a minute, I like to find lists on the internet.  You know the format, Top Ten Ways to...  I think what works for me is the brevity and the interesting connections these lists can make.  
If you are looking for music ed and teaching lists, I suggest you take a look at "So You Want To Teach?"  His top ten posts (a list!) are mostly thought-provoking lists.
I also like poking around in Dr. Pisano's MusTech.net site.  He also has an interesting list of 100 music ed blogs.  I haven't be able to get to all those sites, but I am working on it.
Got a minute? Read a list.

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J. Pisano said...

Thanks for the vote of support! I like your site too! J. Pisano -MusTech.Net