Monday, May 11, 2009

How easy can this stuff get?

I was amazed.
My son loves his Nintendo DS.  He loves to play it at school on Fridays when he is allowed to bring it to the after school program.  He loves to sit and play DS while his friends play their DSs.  I thought that was pretty much the social side of the DS.  We sit together and talk while we do our thing.  
I couldn't help but notice that Mark and Anna were playing the same game.  Literally, the same game.  At the same time.  Both of them had characters in the same game on their two machines.
These SECOND graders had figured out how to network their DSs together to play the same game.  
I knew it was possible.  I just figured that it would involve reading a bunch of directions that were translations from the original DS directions written in Sanskrit.  Nope.  Two new readers could figure out how to set up a wireless network like it was child's play.
I wish my computer toys networked that easily.


GML4 said...

Awesome... now I want a DS...

Roger Whaley said...

You would have fun! It helps the very active trombonist survive long car rides as well.

Thanks for the comment GML4!