Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FileMaker 10!

I haven't got my hands on it yet, but I am already tweaking the budget to finance my purchase of FileMaker 10.
The new features do sound terrific enough to justify the purchase.  
I like the idea of script triggers.  There have been times when they would have been a terrific feature to have access to.  
I usually get "Advanced" when I buy FMP, with the script triggers that sounds like a good idea once again.  If you need to debug a script, you will wish you had it.  I also like to be able to share my data base creations and with Advanced you can make runtime versions to pass along.
The new interface with the status on top instead of the along the west side of the screen looks to be a little more like other programs and does create more side-to-side room for more useful space.  You always have been able to to turn off the status bar, however.  Hope I don't get lost with the new look.
Other things include easy to use SQL data sources (not brand new, but if it is easier...) and a direct from FMP e-mail process that skips the formerly needed e-mail client.
If you haven't taken the time to learn a database, this may be the one.  FileMaker has the reputation of being easy to use and learn and it is plenty powerful.  It is also way more flexible than the spreadsheets many people use.  If  you have plenty of information to store a good data base will help you make sense of it.
I'll keep you posted about when I get my hands on it!

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