Wednesday, December 17, 2008

SmartMusic and Parents

We had a couple of concerts last night.  They went well.
We also took a couple of minutes to talk about SmartMusic and how parents can use it too.
We walked them through the login process, showed what it looks like when there is and isn't an assignment waiting, the microphone wizard and the tuner.  We also showed them the link to get to their side of the grade book page.   We also told them that we DO leave comments on the kids playing here.  We also told the kids not to send in work that really wasn't up to their standards by using the "Try Again" and "Save a Take" buttons.  
I didn't bring this up, but I would really rather a kid took the time to learn a project well, then send it in.  Even if the assignment is a little tardy.  That's a Dr. Dufour/PLC thing... it's about learning, not necessarily about turning in work.  The "Save a Take" button encourages students to get it right.
We did this with screen shots and a slide show.  I'm infamous for SmartMusic demos that don't include opening SmartMusic.  In this case, not opening SmartMusic saves you from finding an internet connection in the cafeteria.  We aren't wireless here yet.  Not opening can speed your talk as well.  If you talk somewhat slowly this is a five minute talk.  Hopefully, it gets some parents checking the work too.

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