Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Internet at Work

I beginning to think this Internet idea is creeping into EVERYTHING we do.  There were some problems at work this morning with our connection and I didn't get very much work done.  
Grades?  Nope, online.  E-mail?  Only if it was local.  Work on Google Docs with my teaching partner?  Nope, online.
I can't remember the last time this has happened. (Last year sometime???)  Thanks Tom!  Tom runs the network here.  He does a pretty amazing job of keeping the computers talking to each other.  I'm pretty sure the problem wasn't here, but further up the line. 
I can put you in touch with Tom, but I would need my $50K finders fee up front... and probably a new identity.  This staff likes the way things work.

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J. Pisano said...


In the U.S. we are now crippled when it comes to a downed Lan or Internet Connection issues.

It's amazing to see how much becomes shut down when this happens.

P.S. I'll fix stuff at 1/2 the rate you suggested $25,000 sounds good! :)

-J. Pisano -Mustech.net