Friday, November 7, 2008

New to me iPod VNC app Jaadu

My teacher iPod tip for you today is Jaadu.
Jaadu is a VNC (Virtual Network Computer) app that allows you to see what is running on your computer's desktop as well as control the computer.  VNC has been around for a while now and there are other computer programs that use it .  So what is the big deal with Jaadu?  It runs on your iPod Touch or iPhone.
There are some obvious uses for Jaadu that jumped to my mind right away.  
Do you know what your kids are really doing on their computer?  Here is an unobtrusive way to peek over their shoulder.
Trouble shooting from a distance?  Much easier.  No more trying to figure out what people are looking at.
Can't play something in Flash?  Let your computer translate for your iPod.
Can't get your ten year old off the computer?  Take over and shut it down.  (Ok, that one is a little  harsh, but who wants to do all their blogging late at night?)
Want to use your iPod as a controller for your next slideshow?  There is a built-in interface for that.
There is also software (on the computer side) that will allow you to do all this from anywhere you can connect your iPod to the internet.  I haven't tried that yet.  All my uses have been on local networks.  I know kids have to attend class...maybe, my next lecture will be delivered with me at the local coffee house.    
Connecting your computer with your iPod is pretty straight-forward with easy to follow directions on their website.  Look for Jaadu at the App Store.  I think you will find it useful!

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