Tuesday, July 22, 2008

These short naps are wonderful. There is some news for Finale Users.

Wow.  I haven't written since last Thursday?  Really?
Last Thursday, Finale 2009 was released by MakeMusic.
I'm planning on upgrading, not so much because I like to stay current, but because there will be improved SmartMusic support.
You see, Finale is the key to getting what you want in SmartMusic.  If you can't find  what you need in the 50 bazillion exercises, etudes, band arrangements that are built in/available, your next step is to open a new Finale document and create it.
They say that linked part support will save a lot of time for educators.  I believe they are right.  I will love to verify that for you when I get my copy of '09 and the latest version of SmartMusic (10.3?)   That's gotta be coming in soon as well. 
Only only 41 days left to the end of the "seasonal summer lay-off."  It is good to have a couple of projects.

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