Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Job Hunting for New Teachers. Good luck!

Good luck in your job hunt recent grads.  Don't get down if you are not seeing a lot of jobs right now (July.)  Schools in my area traditionally have a lot of management changeover right now.  Couple that with traditional vacation times and it may be very close to the new year for the perfect situation to come along.  Hang in there and be ready to jump in when the call comes!
Computers and networks have changed things about the job hunt.  Desirable districts have computerized their application process.  I am sure this has made things easier for the hiring managers.  I think that being able to go into your database of applicants, putting in your desired qualifications, getting the applications you want without shuffling lots of paper is a great idea.  
Assuming the people you want are in there.
I also wonder if it is possible to be too specific during the search.  What if "exactly what you want" isn't the best choice?  I bet there are a lot of great people who aren't being looked at because the criteria searched didn't match what the applicants entered.
And then there is the applicant.  Good hustle used to be good enough to get you noticed by potential employers.  Now you have to figure out how to beat the search results!  
Does anyone out there have tips on how to get your results up to the top? 


Richard Jennings said...

My onyly tip is that I have found lots of high paying jobs on employment sites -


I see 100K jobs here. Monster.com and those large sites all have scam ads running on them it seems

Roger Whaley said...

Thanks for the list!