Friday, December 7, 2012

iPad Accounting vs School Accounting

I was in an interesting conversation this morning about iPads at school.

Ideally, I would think the students would be bringing their own iPad (Chromebook, Laptop, Cray XE6) and filling it with their own legally purchased software.

But the world is not ideal and not everyone can afford to send their kid with their own device.  We fill in.  Sometimes by department budget.

The iPads we have are being paid for out of several different budgets and that brings up some interesting scenarios.

For large lab purchases the multiple purchase plan is ideal.  Nice to get a break on the price and I really like to stay legal with software purchases.  I really like to see developers get paid so they can keep on developing.  It even helps with accounting.  What labs have that software?  There is a place to go look.

But what about the really specialized places in the school?  Special Ed with four iPads that need licensing.  Do you manage this like a personal account at the iTunes store and iCloud?  It isn't really personal use, so I would think that you would need four accounts.  How do you do the accounting on that?  Who manages that?  What about back-ups?

This is something that really needs a plan.  Got one?